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A YouTube-link showing the intro to the C-64 version of Prince of Persia is posted...

(20:38) <Erwin-C64> mrsid, i was impressed by the intro sequence.. looks like there's actually more than screenshots, Bazinga!
(20:41) <mrsid> Erwin: I had STE'86 make 800 Koala images, which I edited together into a video... Bazinga!

(23:09) <zrx-oms> On a teabox it reads "20 teabags" and the only thing I can think of is gay orgy.
(23:10) <djinn_wd> better start buying in loose bulk

<FMan> coding is more important than staying alive

<SLC> in practice, what does acknowledging an interrupt mean?
<yago> SLC: if you dont ack an irq, he will appear again and again and ...
<SLC> so, it's basically an attention whore who cannot be ignored
<zerozillion> its like when you're fapping, and the phone rings (interrupt) - if you dont pick it up, they will call again and disturb

<AuMTRoN> wir sind schaufensterpuppen!
<Jeff_VRZ> !
<AuMTRoN> i have my tits out
<Jeff_VRZ> good!
<Jeff_VRZ> so does my dad
<AuMTRoN> thx
<AuMTRoN> ah, getting breastfed atm?

<Mace[SEC]> did you know that nearly 3000 people commited suicide in January 2009 in Japan alone?!
<Mace[SEC]> amazing...
<Mace[SEC]> really, suicide would be the last thing I'd ever do!
<Exin> Wasnt it the same when Take That disbanded?

<Intensity[GMI]> wsup with you guys? anyone AFAIK? :)
<ZEROblue> i am, as far as i know!

<enthusi> yay killed Jason in Friday 13th
<enthusi> 5000 bonus points
<enthusi> is there a point to this? :)
<Ymgve> surviving until saturday 14th
<ZonkeyKong2> enthusi: on saturday the 14th you play the cleanup service woman who has to get rid of all the blood and guts

<TBB> I remember AMJ came home one day with this VHS tape that had some strange movie called Hardware in it - at the time I remember thinking of it as a poor man's Terminator
<TBB> but it had this scene where the female main character goes home and puts the TV on
<TBB> and there's a bunch of hairy guys doing something and the music playing is Stigmata
<yago> AMJ... Movie called "Hard ware"...
<djinn_wd> the signs are obvious
<ShakkaZonkie> what TBB didnt mention is that amj came with an empty tape and left with the movie "hard ware" recorded

<soundis> they are working on printing transistors on paper here
<WVL_code> but they're not as fast as normal transistors
<n2c_wok> WVL_code: nice, how large are they?
<WVL_code> snd : a couple of um
<WVL_code> prolly they can be a lot smaller, but not the way we make them
<n2c_wok> well at least they are microscopic already
<WVL_code> i think they're pretty big :D
<WVL_code> if you can see it with a normal microscope == big
<groepaz> so that's what you tell your girlfriend?

Displaying 0 to 10 of 244 quotes.  next 10

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