Logo-O-Matic by Cupid/Padua/Hitmen

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The Usage of Logo-O-Matic is easy, simply type in the desired name of the logo and hit the create button. Then make a screenshot crop your logo and save it as a gif.

Special greetings to the tucows staff, I am dumb and no match for your moodoo tricks :-) Well spotted

You can enter your text upper or lowercase, it doesn't matter. Digits will be replaced by words (e.g. 4 -> four). Special characters like * # öü or whatever lead to broken images! "/" will be replaced by " of ".
Future Versions may use Image Magick to create a real gif, but to date this is the only possibility.


02.01.2000 Got the idea to use C64 Logos on an upcoming webpage, tried to use a 3x3 charset and type in the emulator, but flunked. Started the routine.

03.01.2000 First charset was pixeled in Amica Paint, cut and optimized with Image Ready. Version 1.0 finished and showed to the public. First complaints about bugs with uppercase letters.

04.01.2000 Added a routine that disallows case sensitivity. Now all entries (except for numbers and Umlauts) are possble. Docs added and contribution possibility installed.

04.01.2000 Disallowed the usage of / in the logoname (Bug found by Anonym/Padua)

04.01.2000 Added the possibilty to use different charsets and two charsets by the master of logo-variety: RRR/Oxyron, Charsets supplied by Groepaz/Hitmen (cheers!)

27.09.2000 Changed the whole code to PHP, thus making it one file. / will be replaced by " of " now, any numbers by their name and the entries are converted to lowercase.
Special characters will result in broken links though...
06.06.2002 Steppe send a new charset, possibly by ollie/pride!


I want you to help me make this thing cooler!

To contribute, all you have to do is to send me a cool C64 charset in gif format.
The chars should all have the same height and called a.gif, b.gif, c.gif ... etc.
So far only one set is needed either lowercase or uppercase. For slicing the C64 screenshot I recommend either Imageready, Fireworks or also TileIt, a Freeware Tool.
Please zip all the gifs into one pack, attach it to an email and send this one to cupid@padua.org

Also improvement ideas are welcome...

Cheers, Chris "Cupid" Heilmann

Credits: Idea, HTML, Javascript, Perl, PHP: Christian Heilmann

Charset#1: Cupid/Padua/Hitmen

Charset#2: RRR/Oxyron

Charset#3: RRR/Oxyron

Debugging Version 1.0: Na8ur/Betatribe, Deekay/Crest, GRG/Shape

Used tools: Amica Paint V1.8, Homesite 4.0, Image Ready 1.0, Starcommander, CCS2.0 beta, Homesite 4.5, Apache 1.3.12, PHP4

Hosting: Christian Heilmann